June 26-27, 2021


Are you a Healer?

Have you felt a strong calling during these tumultuous times to help our planet and its beloved people?

Now, more than ever before, Empaths, Intuitives and the Spiritual Gifted are being called to unite together to support each other, to create a community of healing and to raise the frequency of the planet. If your are reading this right now you know what I mean.

United we Healers can manifest a huge energy shift that will be felt around the world. If you are feeling the calling, then join the GLOBAL HEALER COMMUNITY and get access to the amazing summit. 

“Alone we can do so little; 
together we can do so much."

– Helen Keller

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the Global Healers Community?

A: The Global Healers Community is a virtual home for Healers and those being called to help the world at this time where we can CONNECT, COLLABORATE and CREATE support and greater healing for ourselves and those we serve. 

Being part of the Global Healers Community includes access to a network of healers worldwide through an exclusive directory, an invitation to the private Facebook group and opportunities to participate in regular virtual connection events.

Q: What is the Global Healers Summit?

A: The Global Healers Summit is a virtual event where Healers from all over the globe are coming together to unite. On December 12th we will have a day of powerful meditation and prayer led by Master Healers with the specific intention of raising the frequency of the planet to create global healing.
On December 13th those Master Healers are sharing powerful tools and tips including the modalities they use for mediation and healing. From December 14-18th trainings will be held all day by various healers from around the globe for participants in the summit.

Q: WHY participate in the Global Healers Summit?

A: Together we are stronger. The more Healers that unite and participate in the global day of mediation, the greater the frequency. Imagine the effect we can have on the planet as hundreds and thousands of us participate! PLUS, you will get great connections and opportunities to collaborate with and learn from other Healers around the world, including the Master Healers that will be leading the meditations.

Q: HOW can I join the Global Healers Community and participate in the Global Healers Summit?

A: It is simple, your membership to the Global Healers Community begins when you purchase a ticket for the Global Healers Summit. Tickets are only $44.40 and proceeds go to support this orphanage in Nepal.

Once you purchase your tickets, you will receive an email with details on how to send your information for the directory, how to access the Facebook group and how to access the virtual  Global Healers Summit.

A: It is simple, your membership to the Global Healers Community begins when you purchase a ticket for the Global Healers Summit. Tickets are only $44.40 and proceeds go to support this orphanage in Nepal.

Once you purchase your tickets, you will receive an email with details on how to send your information for the directory, how to access the Facebook group and how to access the virtual 
 Global Healers Summit.

Join powerful healers and facilitators  including...

Allison Larsen : Intuition Expert

Allison H Larsen is a renowned intuition specialist.

She has spoken on stages throughout the world helping people to tap into their intuition and is the author of the book Soul Intuition.

In 2012 Allison co-founded Family Foot Reflexology after getting her Foot Zoning Certification. She traveled throughout the US teaching people about chakras, meridians and reflexology. Allison introduced the art of foot zoning to several states in America after publishing a comprehensive Energy and Reflexology manual. She also certified practitioners throughout the nation in the program she developed.

Allison became a certified Reiki Master in 2014. She has facilitated energy training workshops around America and was featured on serval podcasts and radio shows before helping to launch The Influencers Channel on Voice America on which she hosts her own radio show entitled “Spotlight, The Allison H Larsen Show.” Allison also hosted a cable tv show by the same name in Southern California from 2015-2018.

In 2016 Allison launched The Speakers Coalition followed by Speaker House Publishing in 2018 to help Healers, Speakers and Influencers make a greater impact on the world. She has also held Women of Influence Masterminds and Leaders of Influence Masterminds nationwide to help Influencers connect and collaborate to increase their impact.

Allison has been the recipient of multiple awards including Most Influential Person in Speaking presented by Les Brown and the Most Valuable Influencer award presented at The City Summit in Burbank California. She has been blessed to interview multiple celebrities on red carpets at venues such as The Walt Disney Concert Hall and at The Wish Man movie premier in Phoenix AZ which she sponsored through The Speakers Coalition.

Today Allison enjoys running virtual and live Legendary Events and Spiritual Adventure Retreats all over the world with her husband Gerald. Together they are the parents of 10 amazing children.

Rev Michael Beckwith

In 1986, Michael Bernard Beckwith founded the Agape International Spiritual Center, a trans-denominational community of thousands of local members and global live streamers. Highly regarded for its cultural, racial, and spiritual diversity, the late Coretta Scott King wrote to Beckwith, “I greatly admire what you are doing to bring about the Beloved Community, which is certainly what my dear husband worked for and ultimately gave his life.”

Agape’s local community outreach programs feed the homeless, serve incarcerated individuals and their families, partnership with community service organizations active in children’s schools and homes for youth at risk, support the arts, and advocate the preservation of our planet’s environmental resources. Agape’s global humanitarian programs provide food programs, retraining programs, schools, libraries, orphanages, hospitals, clinics, homes for unwed mothers, micro-loans, financial support during natural disasters, and human advocacy. Locations range from 8 African countries to Afghanistan, Bosnia, Colombia, Ecuador, India, Iraq, Kosovo, and Sri Lanka.

An eminent representative within diverse religious traditions and harbingers of world peace, in February 2012 Dr. Beckwith addressed the United Nations General Assembly as part of its annual World Interfaith Harmony Week. As co-founder and president of the Association for Global New Thought, he had the distinguished honor of presenting to Nelson Mandela the Gandhi King Award. Beckwith is also an international co-chair of the Gandhi King Season for Nonviolence which was launched at the United Nations in 1998 and is active in 900 international cities and 67 countries. About its mission His Holiness the Dalai Lama has said: “Both Gandhi and Martin Luther King are inspiring examples of the power and truth of nonviolence and the actions that arise from them. The Season for Nonviolence is a very good tool to remind us of their witness, and also the large unfinished work we have together in transforming awareness on our planet.” Beckwith served as co-chair of the Synthesis Dialogues 1, 11, and 111, which were attended by the Dali Lama.

Dr. Beckwith is a sought after meditation teacher, conference speaker, and seminar leader on the Life Visioning Process, which he originated. Three of his most recent books—Life Visioning, Spiritual Liberation, and TranscenDance Expanded are recipients of the prestigious Nautilus Award. He has appeared on Dr. Oz, The Oprah Winfrey Show, OWN Help Desk, Larry King Live, Tavis Smiley, and in his own PBS Special, The Answer Is You. Every Friday at 1 pm PST, thousands tune into his radio show on KPFK, Wake up: The Sound of Transformation.

Dr. Clint Rogers

Dr. Clint G. Rogers is the CEO of Wisdom of the World Wellness, LLC. Through it, Clint established the Wisdom Leadership Team and co-hosted with Gary Malkin several landmark tele-seminar courses, including one associated with the internationally acclaimed release of Foster and Kimberly Gamble’s movie, Thrive.

Clint is also president of the International Ministry of Peace, a word-of-mouth grassroots organization helping to bring peace between countries that have traditionally been enemies.

A university researcher, innovator, consultant, teacher, traveler, and author, Clint is known for his interest in projects that involve intercultural, interfaith, and interdisciplinary collaboration and international development. For example, he is passionate about using technology and collaborative techniques to promote peace and eradicate poverty.

He holds a doctorate in instructional psychology and technology from Brigham Young University. Clint was the first person to teach web analytics at the university level, and has worked with world-class entrepreneurship, development, and web promotion efforts. He has been invited to join several international mastermind groups, among them the RRI International Business Mastermind group, started in 2009 by Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes. Clint also serves on the board of directors of several hyper-growth companies. Recently he was one of 12 young international scholars to participate in the Meeting of the Young Minds in Brussels. The group met to mastermind some of the future developments of technology, their impact on society, and potential policy and educational implications.

Clint has spoken to organizations, businesses, and universities around the world on such topics as synergistic cross-cultural collaboration, social entrepreneurship, innovation, global virtual teams, mobilizing online movements, fostering human potential, and the impact of media and technological diffusion on international business and development. As the coordinator of the first ever European Union-funded Consortium of Universities and Businesses interested in Information and Communication Technologies for Development, he worked with some of the brightest students and faculty in the world.

In the last decade, Dr Clint Rogers has lived in or visited nearly 90 countries, trying to get a pulse on how things are changing internationally. He has authored many peer-reviewed articles.

Clint is the best-selling author of Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer: A Western Skeptic, an Eastern Master, and Life’s Greatest Secrets, a life-changing memoir based on his extensive traveling and interviews with legendary Master Healer, Dr. Naram. In it, he describes meeting Himalayan masters who are living to more than 130 years, and reveals the 6 secret keys they use for creating and maintaining vibrant health, unlimited energy, and peace of mind. Clint gave a popular TEDx talk on this topic that has been viewed by millions..

Master Stephen Co

Stephen Co was introduced into the world of energy through the health crisis of a loved one. In a search for ways to help his wife heal faster from a hip fracture as a result of a fall from a 14 foot wall, he found Energy Expert, GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui. He learned to use energy to accelerate healing through a technique called Pranic Healing.

Master Stephen Co is the co-author of “The Power of Prana” & “Your Hands Can Heal You” and has been sharing these teachings worldwide since 1988. In particular, stress relief and productivity workshops at organizations like Kaiser Permanente Hospital, Motorola, Microsoft, General Electric, Sears, Qualcomm, Intel, Paypal, University of California, Berkeley, US Naval Hospital San Diego, the US Army and Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within!

Master Stephen Co is an expert in Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga, an energy management system designed to empower people with personal development skills for greater health & well-being, a deeper spiritual connection and living a practical & fulfilling life. He is here to share simple to use energetic techniques based on ancient spiritual principles that can be applied immediately to transform your life..

Dedicated in Loving Memory to 
Dr. Pankaj Naram  

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